Start protecting your cat’s kidneys today and say goodbye to the faucet (or toilet) obsession.

Start protecting your cat’s kidneys today and say goodbye to the faucet (or toilet) obsession.

Our return policy is very simple. If you don’t like the fountain for whatever reason within 2 years (yes, TWO years), we’ll send UPS to pick it up for free and send you a full refund. No questions asked and no fine print.

“This thing is a surefire hit!”

“My husband and I have multiple fountains around our apartment and this is one of our favorites! It’s easy to clean, looks sleek, and our cats love it. I love this company because there are so many places specifically for dogs, but few specifically for us cat parents! Be sure to check out everything at My Lovely Feline if you’re looking for great cat gifts this year!”

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Special offer if you order today:
2 to 3 Day Shipping & Free Returns (US Only)
Ships from Sparks, NV 🇺🇸

Best Cat Fountain
Best Cat Fountain

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Did you know that cats have higher chances of having urinary diseases if their humans give them unfiltered tap water?

The Pet Health Network has studies pointing that 1 in 3 cats suffer from kidney disease.

That’s because tap water has chemicals that can harm their delicate renal system…

Trupanion—a leading provider of medical insurance for pets—has a report that shows a strong connection between urinary tract diseases among cats and the hardness of tap water in U.S. cities.

Also, according to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, one of the most common feline diseases is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

So yes, kidney diseases are a leading cause of suffering and death in cats. 

And it’s an issue that seems like it happens overnight, but that’s not the case. Cats are just really good at hiding their pain until they can’t hide it anymore.

So proper hydration is essential whether a cat is healthy or has CKD. Even though there’s no way to reverse the disease, cats diagnosed with CKD still have the opportunity to have a great life provided their humans are disciplined and give them lots of love and dedication.

Having an effective water filtering system designed for cats is a great way to encourage them to drink clean water without increasing the probability of harming their renal system.

The Magic Feline Fountain™ is made with non-toxic—BPA-free—materials to ensure a safe and refreshing experience for your lovely feline.

Reducing the risk of such diseases will also help you save money by avoiding unnecessary—and expensive—visits to the vet.

Cats are delicate and need the cleanest water to stay healthy over the years to keep showing you their love—in their own way.

The fountain counts with the most sophisticated water filtering system for cats in the world. It has a five-layered filter that provides optimal water filtration.

The filter removes foul odors, adds health-beneficial minerals for your cat, and makes the water amazingly tasty. 

One of the layers is made of premium coconut shell-activated carbon—from a renewable source—which is super effective in filtering water.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has cited studies that say that active carbon filters remove up to 80 chemicals found in tap water and effectively reduce 52 more.

The water that comes out of the filter is fresh, free of bad smells, tasty, and has beneficial minerals that can improve your cat’s overall health.

There’s also a sponge that acts as a secondary filter and prevents dirt, food, and fur from getting into the filter.

Super Easy to Clean & Maintain

The “apple-like” shape of the fountain makes cleaning it extremely easy. All you’ll have to do is clean it once a week, refill the water when needed, and change the filter only once every two months.

We’ll send you a manual to show you how to clean it and how to set it up too.

So don’t worry, because it won’t be a puzzle to be resolved. The steps are as clear as water—pun intended.

If the fountain runs out of water, all you’ll have to do is refill it without having to open it, just pour water from the top 🙀

What’s in the box?

2 Year Risk-Free Trial!

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our main priority.

You can try The Magic Feline Fountain™ for 2 years. So within 24 months, you can return the fountain for a full refund whenever you want if, for any reason, your cat is not fully delighted with it. We will pick it up for free without asking any questions.

And here’s more, if you contact us about a part that doesn’t work properly—which is unlikely, but you never know—, we will make sure to send you a replacement for free, almost immediately—up to 2 times within 2 years for any of the fountain’s parts.

We promise to provide world-class customer service for you and your lovely cat.

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Special offer if you order today:
2 to 3 Day Shipping & Free Returns (US Only)
Ships from Sparks, NV 🇺🇸

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How long does the filter last?

It’s recommended to replace it for a new one every 2 months for optimum performance. The filter costs $12.95, that’s only $0.21 per day.

Does the fountain include a filter?

Yes, the fountain already includes a filter that will last for 2 months.

Where can I purchase filter replacements?

Replacements are always available on our website We’ll send you a reminder email every 2 months right before your filter expires.

How about the pump?

The pump will last for 2 years. We make exhaustive quality controls to make sure it works perfectly, but if the pump for whatever reason loses power or stops working before the 2-year timeframe, we’ll replace it with a new one for free (no questions asked).

Can I let the fountain run all day?

Of course, our pump is designed to function 24/7. You can —and should— let it run all day and night.

Does it need to be plugged in?

Yes. However, since it has a USB connector and the pump doesn’t consume a lot of energy, you can use a portable power bank (the one used for smartphones) instead of your home’s power socket.

What if my cat/s don’t like drinking from it?

We are super confident in all our products, and we believe your cat/s will love it, however, if not, no problem! We will schedule a free pick up and send you a full refund ASAP. 100% hassle-free! How does that sound?

Does the fountain make noise?

The fountain is very silent. You’ll only hear the water flowing which is very relaxing and pleasant to hear.

Is the Magic Feline Fountain easy to clean?

Yup! The “rounded-apple” shape, is designed specifically for it to be easy to clean and maintain.

What are the dimensions of the Fountain?

Approx. 8.3 x 8.3 x 7.5 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds.

How much water does it hold?

It holds 50 Oz (1.5 L).

How long is the cord?

The cord is approximately 47 inches.

What is the fountain made of?

The fountain is made of a premium non-toxic plastic, which is 100% BPA-Free and very resistant.

Does it grow mold easily?

Nope. The fountain and all of its parts are designed and built in a way that, if correctly cleaned—once a week is enough—won’t grow mold.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Maestro, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Paypal.

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Special offer if you order today:
2 to 3 Day Shipping & Free Returns (US Only)
Ships from Sparks, NV 🇺🇸

Disclaimer: This product is not designed to cure any disease or illness but helps promote a proper function of your kitties’ kidneys for years to come.

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